Mercari Blues (The Pelle Pelle Shirt)

I am a newbie at Mercari and screwed up a sale. I had bought a nice Pelle Pelle shirt with embroidery, and put it up on Mercari. The size was “L”, so I selected “L” in the App.

According to the buyer, it was a boy’s L, not a men’s L. I’ll assume they are correct.

I screwed up the listing, and wanted to give a refund. I asked the buyer to cancel the order or something. They didn’t respond for days, so I finished out the order with a positive rating.

I contacted Mercari to help create a refund for the buyer. Mercari didn’t make that happen. I contacted agains and they said that they couldn’t refund.

Little did I know that Mercari and Ebay’s refund policies differ a bit. Ebay likes to give refunds to customers. Mercari, it seems, does not.

I’m really at a loss as to what I could do.

Trying a New Format

This blog doesn’t have subscribers, and I’m not promoting it at all, but it does  have a growing search-engine readership. So, I’m going to change the site around.

All my legacy posts will be turned into “pages” which won’t get sent to subscribers. These are going to be like a gigantic “wiki” or “book”.

All new articles will also go into this “book”.

The “blog” part of the site will change. Instead of single posts, they’ll be more like an email newsletter, with links to new articles, and other links of interest.

Check out the blog posts, and see if you’d want to get them by email. If so, subscribe.

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