Dehoarding Torn Jeans with Ebay

I found myself hoarding torn up jeans. I usually took the old jeans and turned them into shorts. Then, as the shorts ripped, I used denim scraps from the other jeans to make patches.

They started out ugly, but start to look stylish and intentionally distressed after a while. They also became incredibly thick and soft.

Eventually, though, even the shorts were no good, and were really falling apart. The remaining jeans had nowhere to contribute patches.  So, I batched them up into a box, and sold it on Ebay for $1.

The buyer paid the $12 or so for the shipping.

I made an error, of course. I should have listed it for $3 or so, because the transaction fees were more than the income. I should have use FedEx Smart Post, to save money.  “Oh well.”

Why would they Pay for Junk?

Zippers – you can remove the zippers to reuse them. They cost $2 to $5 on the Internet.

Buttons, belt loops, rear pockets – a pain to procure or produce. A box of jeans have them the right size, and pre-made.

Pockets – some pants have durable pockets, and they can be removed or cut out, and used to repair torn pockets on other pants. Levi’s Dockers  have really tough pockets.

Denim – they can reclaim the denim for other projects. New denim is $5 a yard.

So, it’s not an amazing deal for the buyer, but it’s an easy and relatively cheap way to get some denim and pants parts.  On top of that, they may even repair one of the pants, and use them.

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