There is Not Enough Time…

…to read all those books you bought, to read all the notes you took, to look at all the photos you took, to listen to all the music you’ve downloaded and hoarded, to do all the tutorials you’ve bookmarked, to use all the yarn and fabric you’ve purchased, to play every level of every video game you’ve read about, to wear every article of clothing you’ve bought.

This is why used goods are fine. There’s so much stuff, and not enough time to use it.

Not only that, but, I find that even though I don’t have a lot of clothes, I still have many more pants than I actually wear. I keep going back to the same jeans, and once I got into wearing jeans a couple times before washing them, I wore even fewer pants. Three jeans are enough for a whole week.

Imagine if someone has 20 pairs of jeans, and, in one year, they gain 10 pounds, and then donate those jeans. Those jeans won’t fit anymore, and it’s entirely possible that they’ve each been worn only 20 times each. It’s more likely that ten pair have been worn a lot, and ten have been worn a lot less. They may just have been broken in.

I have NWT pants in my closet. I think I have, maybe, nine pairs of these Docker-style pants, and at least one is still new with tags.

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