Canon S100 Camera Review, and Photo Tips for Online Ebay Sellers

I’m not a camera guru, nor are my photos that great, but opinions are like anuses: everyone has one, and wants to show it off.

Mainly, I’m familiar with Nikon and Canon cameras, lower end to midrange, mainly point-and-shoots, but have also used DSLRs. I’ve also used rangefinders as well as p&s film cameras, both with automation, and before the computers got involved. Continue reading “Canon S100 Camera Review, and Photo Tips for Online Ebay Sellers”

Whee, new camera! FujiFilm XF1

I scored a great deal on this FujiFilm XF1. This is a midrange point and shoot camera with full manual modes, and competes with the Canon S series (S95 S100 S110 S120). It got here, and it’s working, so that’s great. They are selling for around $130 on Ebay right now, but if you’re patient, you can probably get it for less. I don’t think it’s a well-known or popular camera. Continue reading “Whee, new camera! FujiFilm XF1”