Ebay Research Indicates that Lots of Readers Digest Magazines Sell Well

Lots of Readers Digest magazines sell. If you look at the sold listings, there are over 100. The market has only 65 listings.

As of today, look at these numbers, click links to search:

For sale: “Lot Readers Digest Magazines” : 65

Sold in the past few months: “Lot Readers Digest Magazines” : 103

These numbers don’t really account for the speed at which new lots are listed into the market, but if the supply doesn’t increase, it should all be sold in six months.

If the supply is increasing, then we just need to price our item low so it’ll appeal to bargain hunters.

Fantastic Bargains

If you like RD, then these lots are fantastic bargains. The price per magazine is between $1 and $3.  The older copies were printed on better paper, so they hold up well.

If you can get boxes of these inexpensively, then, go for it.  If you stumble across some, just keep them, and lot them up.

Individual magazines have a much harder time selling. You can post one, and it’ll get 7 views in a month. There are just too many listings in the market. Your only hope is to find someone searching for a specific month, or a specific cover description.

For sale: Lot of 5 Readers Digest Magazines

Ebay Research

Research is critical to making purchase decisions.

If the research indicates that supply is much greater than demand, you don’t buy.

If the research shows that the total sales volume is low, then,  you need to figure if you can keep the item for a long time, waiting for it to sell.

If demand is greater than supply, then you buy.

If sales volume is high, you buyweeks, but know that you’re going to face competition and may need to flip it quickly for a smaller profit.

The most rudimentary research is to do a simple keyword search across all categories.  You don’t want to limit yourself to one category, because some items may be miscategorized, or two categories might be valid for these listings.

So, you type: “Lot Readers Digest Magazines”.  This may miss some listings that don’t include the word “magazine”, but that’s OK.

First, you count the “supply” in the market.  I don’t bother to refine the search. I just accept everything found.  In the example, it was 103 items.

Second, you click on “sold items”. This shows the sales volume and price.  The listing goes back two or three months.  In the example, it was 65 items.

The 65 sales happen over 120 days. That’s one sale every other day.

If no new items enter the market, then the inventory should sell out in six months.

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