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I wrote a long post complaining about them, but I recently went through to mark off a listing as sold, and noticed that I’d sold several things. Not only that, but I got close to asking – like within $10 most of the time – so, I’m actually doing OK with them.

Maybe they just force me to get out and deal with people, and that just feels like so much more work.

The main thing I learned was that you can get more for an air conditioner if it’s hot. What happened was, a lot of people on the westside were desperate for AC. They live within reach of the beach, so they aren’t used to 95 F temps, and many didn’t have AC. The stores were all sold out, and they wanted one immediately.

My mobile phone was blowing up with requests.

I could probably have relisted at a higher price, but I let mine go for $210.  Prior to the last heatwave, it was topping out at $200, and I was asking $250.  (This is for a $500 retail AC that’s lightly used.)  The $200 offer was fair, because it was also being sold via mail order for $250.  (That means around $175 out the door, and $75 to deliver it to your doorstep.)

In the SGV, summers usually exceed 85F, and get up into the low 100s, so everyone has AC and a lot of cool-down strategies.

So, what I have learned about these mobile apps is that you have to wait to make a sale, and you also need to be ready to make a sale quickly.

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