Beer vs. Liquor Artwork Presentation Preferences

I was looking at trying to sell comics “matted” rather than as bare strips, to see if that would encourage sales. Short answer: it depends. Superhero fans will buy “matted” and framed art, and pay a premium for quality presentation. Since I don’t have a mat cutter, or any superhero comics, that’s a moot point.

Newspaper comics seem to sell bare or in lots.

Since I had some beer and liquor ads, I wondered how people liked to buy these.

No liquor ads were sold matted or framed.

Beer ads were not selling matted, but were selling framed.  This means that the beer ad buyers wanted a product “ready to go on the wall”.

People buying ads for spirits, I suspect, would have a professional framer take the ad, cut a mat to fit, and then frame it. They might care about having the frame match their other frames, or match their home.

It’s also possible they are hoarders or collectors and just don’t have the room for a frame.

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