Crazy Discounts for Old Postage

I just got hit at least three times with an Ebay glitch that seems to be hitting old listings that were made before the postal rate change earlier this year.  Basically, rates went up a little. Suddenly, my first class postage price has dropped down to 91 cents on some listings.

The bad news is that I don’t know which listings are suffering from this.

Switching around the shipping doesn’t seem to fix the problem, but doing a “sell similar” to make a new listing works.

When I find listings like this, I just tack on $1 or $2 to the handling… but I’m really not bothering. I’ll just eat the cost.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve benefited from this glitch. I’ve paid some ridiculously low postage. You find these deals by “sorting by price + shipping”.


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