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There’s a church that operates a thrift shop, and I’d been there on and off for years, but Wednesday was the first time I’d ever been there during the daytime, around noon.

The place was filled with a bunch of resellers. It took a half hour, but I finally figured it out: half of us were going through the racks looking for inventory, and the other half were lined up in the middle aisle, waiting for the rolling carts to come out. We were like vultures. Slow, relaxed vultures.

I had to avoid books, my favorite category, because it’s mostly a slow-moving money loser, at least the way I do it. I wanted to buy an Edwige Danticat novel, for example. This makes me so sad, that I couldn’t get it. I have yet to read a novel by her. I got a pair of Seth Godin books instead. I’m sure they’re good, as well, but… they’re different.

Instead, I got to buy some fine china, which is new for me. Surprisingly, I could tell what was pretty good, based on what my mom had purchased in the past. Basically, all the slick stuff was coming out in the 70s to the 90s, from Japan. There’s also some American stuff before then. The stuff is so good, even the Montgomery Ward’s private label china is good. I got cups and saucers.

One of these days, I may buy a plate… and then eat off it! I’m all about eating on the fine china. Someone has to do it, and the people who donated this, or passed away and donated it, didn’t.

The main new category I am trying out is luggage. The previous day, I picked up a really nice leather computer bag. Today, I got a nylon computer bag, a PVC Harrods bag, and a vintage Oleg Cassini carpet suitcase.  I may try to sell my current, worn out, bag, and use the new computer bag.

PS – Montgomery Ward is back as an online store, and they are using their 1980s logotype. Well, somewhat. I just read that the original face was Serifa by Adrian Frutiger. The website’s font is different.

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