Listing Multiple Different Related Items in the Same Category

I totally mispriced this item. I had three books, two of them Assembler Editor manuals, and this manual for Atari DOS 2. They all belong in the same category: Vintage Computing.  The right way to list them was to use the DOS manual as bait.The Assembler Editor manuals could have sold for around $30 each, but I auctioned one, and then sold the other. Now I’m left with this simple user manual, which isn’t as valuable or useful.

What I should have done is set the price of this low, and the other manuals high.  This would be the “treat” that would get the other manuals in the category lofted higher in the search results, getting more views, and then potentially making a high-priced sale.

If the cheap manual sold, then the rankings of the other two manuals would have risen, because Cassini will boost all your ads within a category if you make a sale in that category.

Even if the Assembler Editor manuals didn’t sell, because they’re priced too high, there’s still sufficient demand to sell them by lowering the price.

Live and learn.

Source: Atari 400/800 Disk Operating System II DOS 2 Reference Manual vtg 8-bit


If you have several related items, and some of them aren’t in demand:

  • List them all at once, all in the same category.
  • Drop the price of the undesirable ones to a very, very low price.
  • Keep the valuable items priced high.

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