New Postal Rates for 2018, Letters and Packages Increase

Starting January 21, 2018, first class letters go up one cent, flat rate packages go up five cents.  Those are retail prices. Ebay shippers used to get a 10% or more discount on shipping, but that is changing.

Padded flat rate, which cost the customer $7.20, but cost us $6.30, will now cost $6.90.  The customer will see $7.25.

I’m still figuring out first class packages.  That’s something I use, a lot, but may shift some products to Media Mail to avoid the increases. The rate increases seem to be at the heavier weights, to close the gap between First Class Package and parcels.  I think there are also some rate decreases that will make delivery to the midwest cheaper. (Conversely, it means that businesses in the midwest will be able to send to coasts for less.)

I’ll have new rate cheat sheets up at soon.


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