Packing and Sending a Box of Books Overseas (to the UK)

The Finnish Language Lot finally sold, to an international buyer, and I’ve packed the books up for delivery. This article explains packing books to weather the international trip, and learn a little bit about Media Mail (formerly known as Book Rate).

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Crazy Discounts for Old Postage

I just got hit at least three times with an Ebay glitch that seems to be hitting old listings that were made before the postal rate change earlier this year.  Basically, rates went up a little. Suddenly, my first class postage price has dropped down to 91 cents on some listings. Continue reading “Crazy Discounts for Old Postage”

Prepacking Items and Losing Money

I accidentally sent the wrong item out, and now I’m going to eat the costs, and basically lose a total of around $5 on this sale.  I sent out a water filter when I meant to send out a Braun hand blender. A dollar was lost on the correct product, and four on the mistaken product.  The big winners here were USPS and FedEx, who got a total of $15 in postage. The little winner was the buyer, who got not only a Braun hand blender (old style) but a free water filter.

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