Storage Musings

One of the funny things about having a hoarder background is that I lack any sense of organizing objects into space. Selling stuff on Ebay requires you to organize things precisely.  When you don’t, you lose money, like I did recently.  Anyone can organize 50 items with a few boxes and piles, but when you get into the low hundreds, “piling systems” fail. Continue reading “Storage Musings”

Prepacking Items and Losing Money

I accidentally sent the wrong item out, and now I’m going to eat the costs, and basically lose a total of around $5 on this sale.  I sent out a water filter when I meant to send out a Braun hand blender. A dollar was lost on the correct product, and four on the mistaken product.  The big winners here were USPS and FedEx, who got a total of $15 in postage. The little winner was the buyer, who got not only a Braun hand blender (old style) but a free water filter.

Continue reading “Prepacking Items and Losing Money”