Crazy Discounts for Old Postage

I just got hit at least three times with an Ebay glitch that seems to be hitting old listings that were made before the postal rate change earlier this year.  Basically, rates went up a little. Suddenly, my first class postage price has dropped down to 91 cents on some listings. Continue reading “Crazy Discounts for Old Postage”

Canon S100 Camera Review, and Photo Tips for Online Ebay Sellers

I’m not a camera guru, nor are my photos that great, but opinions are like anuses: everyone has one, and wants to show it off.

Mainly, I’m familiar with Nikon and Canon cameras, lower end to midrange, mainly point-and-shoots, but have also used DSLRs. I’ve also used rangefinders as well as p&s film cameras, both with automation, and before the computers got involved. Continue reading “Canon S100 Camera Review, and Photo Tips for Online Ebay Sellers”

Whee, new camera! FujiFilm XF1

I scored a great deal on this FujiFilm XF1. This is a midrange point and shoot camera with full manual modes, and competes with the Canon S series (S95 S100 S110 S120). It got here, and it’s working, so that’s great. They are selling for around $130 on Ebay right now, but if you’re patient, you can probably get it for less. I don’t think it’s a well-known or popular camera. Continue reading “Whee, new camera! FujiFilm XF1”