Bit by Bonanza Sync

Ouch! I just got bit by Bonanza’s sync. An item sold that differed from the current Ebay listing. I’ll send the item as described, but I’m out a little bit of money.

I bought a nice little keyboard, and it came with a Logitech Unifying receiver. I happened to want a second receiver, so I altered the Ebay listing to sell the keyboard without the receiver.

The listing was changed on Ebay, but Bonanza didn’t sync the changes.

So my old listing was still live, and it sold.  The buyer got a good deal — but it was originally a good deal. What I lost was around $2 in savings on a Unifying receiver.  They cost around $8, but I am getting the cash instead.

Oh well. That’s not a big deal, but the non-sync behavior is, because I change my listings, and also remove items from inventory (to donate or give away).

To perform a complete sync, I needed to go into the “Ebay Import Settings” and click the options “Remove all items that were removed from Ebay” and “Import new items and override existing items”. Then start a sync.

So, for sellers, this is just a little warning: if you do a lot of revisions, do the manual sync.  Also, delete things that are no longer in your inventory — don’t leave them in “unsold”, or they could get listed.

For buyers… this is a little shopping tip: check for the same item you want to buy on Bonanza. You might get something closer to what you want, at a similar price.

Bonanza: thanks for the sale!

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