Are Facebook Ads Effective for All Niches?

I put up a Facebook ad for an Ebay auction for a Buckethead CD. It eventually sold, but not because of the ad.

This is a continuation of the story started in How to Use the Facebook Pixel on Ebay Listings.

So far… only around 30 more views on the auction, and I also put up a tweet so that boost isn’t due only to the ad.  I paid $7 for the ad, and it’s not performing at all, despite narrow targeting to #buckethead.  It appears that the ad was displayed quickly, and spent $4 on ad impressions, but got no clicks and was benched because it was going to run out of money long before the deadline. So the ad was a dud.

Facebook is demanding that I increase my budget to over $100! No way.

The pixel tracking either didn’t work, or didn’t work on mobile, or there really weren’t any clicks on the ads. In retrospect, I suspect there weren’t any clicks.

Would Buckethead fans click on an ad? Probably not.

Next time, I need to think this through, and ask myself, “is this population anything like the tech-nerd population?”  If the answer is “yes”, then they probably do not click on ads.

Update: Sold

The item sold for $40. It’s a rare CD of an artist with an enthusiastic fanbase.

So, the ads were not worth it. I probably could have done better with a cost-per-click ad, if the clicks were cheap enough.

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