Ebay’s Shipping Gotcha: The Large Envelope

Ebay has a shipping option that can cause you to lose money.

It’s called the Large Envelope.

It’s in the drop down where you select the type of packaging.  You can select “Large Envelope”, but you cannot print postage for it on Ebay.

If you pick “Large Envelope”, the listing will show that postage is around $1.40.

When someone buys it, they are charged $1.40 for postage, but you cannot purchase this postage on Ebay.  You need to walk it over to the post office and buy postage at the counter.

Alternatively, you can just turn it into a “First Class Package” by adding some cardboard to stiffen the envelope.

The price of shipping is around $3.

So, you end up paying $3 for postage, while the customer paid only $1.40.

You just lost $1.60.

Checking the Listings for Low Shipping

There’s an easy way to check for low shipping.

Go into the Promotions tool, and create a promotion. Then, in the step where you select your items to promote, you will see postage prices.


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