Having Ebay Shop for You (and why it’s important to list news things)

Imagine how nice it would be if you were sent ads for items you want to buy. Suppose you are looking for any books about your home town or city, but you’re from one of those places that just isn’t mentioned too much in print. Ebay can send you email when someone lists a book (or anything) with your city’s name in it. Here’s how:

  1. Perform a search for your city name. For example: Rosemead.
  2. If there are too many results, narrow it down by selecting “Books” and adding “California” to the search.
  3. Just above the search results is a link that reads “Save This Search”.  Click it.

Once you’ve saved the search, Ebay will email you whenever new items matching your search are listed.

Sellers: New Listings Over Relistings

I finally turned a corner this week and sales have increased.  Part of this is attributable to the recent discovery that I should not relist so much, but focus on listing new items. I have only 250 prepaid fixed price listings, and 250 prepaid auctions in clothes and collectibles (the basic store subscription). Relisting uses up these slots.

Every time I make a new listing, it might reach one of these people who have a search saved. Maybe it’s only one person, but that person would probably be happy to buy it.

This isn’t to say “no relisting” – most items seem to take longer than a month to sell – but you need to balance the opportunity to reach a saved search against reaching someone who searches or browses during the month.

Right now, I’m trying to list more new, than relisting, unless the original listing was viewed often.  Eventually, I’ll need to shift to only listing new thing first, then doing relisting.

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