How to List Many DVDs in One Listing

A technique to put multiple DVDs into one listing, and sending them for less money. You need a store subscription to do this.

DVD sales are slowing down, and it’s getting tougher to sell them one-off, for a profit. Rather than just eat the cost of all these DVDs, it might be valuable to sell these off at a discount.

I’m playing with a technique to use variations to list multiple DVDs in one listing. This way, anyone looking at one DVD will see a list of other DVDs you’re selling.

Creating this listing has been tricky. There are many ways to do it wrong, and I’ve done several of them, so here’s the recipe that, I hope, will work.

The goal: to get someone to buy two or more DVDs.

Create a new listing.

Take a photo of a stack of your DVDs.  That’s your main image.

Take a photo of each DVD cover. These are going to be photos for each of  your variations.

Create a variation.  Create a custom variation called “Title”.

Add a few titles to the variation. Let the tool create rows for each variation.

Save this.  You should save this listing after adding several lines of data, because the variation tool is unreliable. You may want to type all your text into a different program, first, in case Ebay’s tool fails.

Revise the listing, and keep adding variations.

For each variation, set a price. Make sure the quantity is 1.


Set the shipping method to Media Mail, and use “Calculated” for calculating the shipping.

Set the weight of each DVD to 2 ounces.

Set the handling charge to 25 cents, or whatever you want.  This charge is added to each DVD.

When the customer adds the DVD to their cart, it adds the price + handling + postage.

Because the Media Mail postage price is incremented by the pound, the customer can add 7 items before it increases the weight to 2 pounds (and adds 51 cents to the postage).

The postage for each item is: handling + (total postage / number of items)

As long as your handling charge is less than 33 cents, the postage-per-item will drop for each item they add to the shopping cart.


For each variation, you should upload a photo of the cover.

Again, after uploading a few, save the listing. If you don’t do this, you might lose photos.


A #0 padded mailer should be fine.

Other Shipping Tactics

My tactic is to get rid of the boxes. We’ll see how that goes.

I saw one listing where it’s $4 to ship the first item, and all the additional items were shipped for free. Media Mail lets you ship 3 pounds for $4, so unless the buyers were going to buy a huge stack of DVDs, the profit comes from the shipping as well as the individual DVD.

I saw listings that charge a higher handling fee, but keep the price to $1, so it’ll show up in listings when people filter for “DVD lot choose”, and < $1.

I saw listings that have a wide range of prices, from $1 to $9, so it looks like there are treasures in the list.

There’s an art to this.


Again, not really.  If you set handling to .25, then:

Shipping + handling + price = 2.66 + .25 + 1 = 3.91 revenues.

.18 for the mailer, 2.66 for shipping, .39 ebay fees, .30 + .12 paypal fees = 3.65.

.26 profit.

That’s on the first item. You get a larger profit if you can sell more.

If you sell two:

.18 + 2.66 + .49 + .30 + .15 = 3.78.

1.13 profit.


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