I’ve Read Marie Kondo’s Book, and I’m Still Cluttered

It’s because I have a bit of a hoarding tendency. Hoarding is different from collecting things, and it’s also different from just having a lot of stuff. Hoarding has recently been classified as a form of OCD, and also as it’s own thing, in the DSM V. The DSM is the book that defines mental disorders.

When I hold something, and ask myself, “does this spark joy?” like Kondo instructs, the answer is usually “yes”.  In fact, it’s almost always “yes!”

Kondo doesn’t like clothes with flaws and stains. They douse her joy-spark. I wonder how she feels about distressed jeans with holes, because those things are incredibly popular. They spark a lot of joy for a lot of people, like me, who really like soft, worn out clothes that have reshaped, over time, to fit well.  Even patches and fixes tend to improve the fit, and the clothes become more special. I once patched my jeans’ holes with the fabric from another torn up pair. It took a while, but the fit improved, and the slapdash patching gave the pants more character.

Granted, the character may have been someone with mental health issues… but that would be accurate.

It’s a fun book, and I liked it, but it’s not for everyone.

I recommend reading up about OCD hoarding, searching specifically for Randy Frost, who has pioneered work on this condition.

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