Mercari Blues (The Pelle Pelle Shirt)

I am a newbie at Mercari and screwed up a sale. I had bought a nice Pelle Pelle shirt with embroidery, and put it up on Mercari. The size was “L”, so I selected “L” in the App.

According to the buyer, it was a boy’s L, not a men’s L. I’ll assume they are correct.

I screwed up the listing, and wanted to give a refund. I asked the buyer to cancel the order or something. They didn’t respond for days, so I finished out the order with a positive rating.

I contacted Mercari to help create a refund for the buyer. Mercari didn’t make that happen. I contacted agains and they said that they couldn’t refund.

Little did I know that Mercari and Ebay’s refund policies differ a bit. Ebay likes to give refunds to customers. Mercari, it seems, does not.

I’m really at a loss as to what I could do.

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