Always Check the Pricing for Priority Mail Shipping

I finally sold the Sunbeam toaster! Yay! It’s one of those expensive old toasters that lowers the bread slowly. They’re awesome, and I’m a huge fan.

I say “finally”, but it was only 83 days to make the sale, which isn’t too bad, according to what I’ve heard online.

When you’re setting up your shipping, you should always put Parcel Select Ground (PSG) as an option, and maybe Priority Mail (PM) if you want to offer that. I’ve tried to be solid about adding PSG, but, I’m not perfect by a long shot on that.

The best reason to have PSG is to give the customer a midrange-to-low price that is cheaper the closer they live.

The other good reason to offer PSG is that there’s an Ebay incentive to upgrade your order from PSG to Priority Mail: Priority Mail may be cheaper than PSG.

For the toaster, here are the numbers.

Sending a 10 pound package:

To the customer, it looks like:

  • Parcel Select Ground Postage: $11.22
    – or –
  • Priority Mail: $18.40

So they select PSG. It should be the default, or only option, IMNSHO, for ecological reasons.

To the seller, it looks like:

  • PSG: $11.22
    – or –
  • Priority Mail: $18.40
    Ebay Discount: -$7.52
    Final price for Priority Mail: $10.88

So with Priority Mail, the seller saves 44 cents. That’s a profit that only an Ebay seller can appreciate.

For the customer, it means the package gets to them in 3 days or less, rather than 9 days or less. It’s handled by USPS for less time, meaning it’s less likely to break. So for the customer, it’s a nice upgrade. I’m sending this on Monday, and it might get there by Wednesday.


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