Parcel Lockers for Online Sellers

Parcel lockers allow couriers to leave packages for you in a parcel box, locked and safe. Do sellers have a similar product that could hold a parcel to be given to someone picking up a purchase?

The short answer seems to be “no”.  However, a couple possibilities are out there.

One option is lockers with combination codes. American Locker has some, and I’m sure they’re expensive, because their customers are industrial.  There may be some available on the used market.

A second option is a bicycle locker with a numeric keypad lock. Cycle Safe sells one. Again, probably expensive, because they sell to transit agencies, and their boxes are large enough to store bicycles.

Low Cost Ideas

Used Wardrobe Locker & Combo Lock

Get a wardrobe locker, for around $150.  You may be able to find a beat-up one for a lot less.

For security, buy a 4-digit or 5-digit combo lock.  Don’t use a 3 digit lock.  They’re too easy to guess.

All combo locks with spinning numbers are pretty easy to pick, so, they aren’t really useful for “real security”, but will impede casual thieves.  (Before  you start thinking a padlock or combo lock with a dial is better… they’re not.  Most padlocks aren’t that hard to pick, and spinning combo locks can be opened by feel.)

If you point a security camera on the locker, you’ll have time to gather evidence.

Box with Combination Door Lock

Build a box with a used regular door cut in half so it’s only 3 or 4 feet tall. Use security hinges to allow the door to be opened outward. Don’t use regular hinges – the pins can be popped out.  Install a combination door lock which costs around $100.  Make sure you have a 10 digit keypad. Don’t mess with the 5-digit ones.

For each buyer, change the combination, and then send it to the buyer via email or Ebay message.

Have a security camera recording the person coming to the box to pick up the item.

A Note About Combinations

Combination locks based on 10 digits are pretty easy to guess, so you need longer combinations.

The math is simple:

3 digits = 1,000 possible combinations.  This is really useless for security.

4 digits = 10,000 possible combinations.  This is adequate.

5 digits = 100,000 possible combinations.  This is good.

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