What is a Parcel Locker?

A parcel locker is a special large mailbox to hold parcels. When the courier delivers the item, they unlock the box, put the package in, and lock it with a key.  The courier leaves the key in your mailbox.

When you pick up your mail, you can use the key to retrieve your delivered parcel. The key will stay stuck in the lock, and only the courier can remove it, using a special tool.

Parcel lockers are typically at apartment complexes.

When a package is delivered to a parcel locker, its tracking message may read “delivered to parcel locker.”

Due to the increase in ecommerce, some single family homes are setting up boxes as “parcel lockers” without locks, to hide their deliveries.  Some companies are making special locks that work with delivery scan codes to unlock the boxes. Other companies are making parcel delivery boxes specifically for this purpose.

Amazon customers know about Amazon Locker, where Amazon delivers to lockers located at different businesses like 7-11.  Companies are reaching out to small businesses to implement similar facilities outside the Amazon vertical.

Parcel Locker Companies

  • American Locker
  • InPost
  • Luxer One
  • Package Concierge
  • Packcity by Neopost
  • Parcel Pending
  • Parcel Santa
  • Parcelly
  • Salsbury Industries
  • Southwest Solutions
  • Snaile
  • Winnsen

Parcel Lockers for Online Sellers?

I haven’t been able to find many parcel lockers for small online sellers, to allow customers to come over and pick up an item when the seller’s not at home.  The closest are the old fashioned key lockers at airports – you could mail someone the key.

See Parcel Lockers for Online Sellers.