Moving to My Own WordPress Server: Motivations and SEO Results

This site moved from to, my own WordPress server, and things are looking better. This overview explains the motivations, and results after a few days. Continue reading “Moving to My Own WordPress Server: Motivations and SEO Results”

Can You Make Money Decluttering by Selling Books on Amazon in 2017?

Can Amazon be used to further your efforts to declutter and dehoard your home or office?  Can it be profitable? Will you get rich off your bookcases?

Short answer: probably not. Keep reading to find out other ways to potentially turn your books into cash, or something valuable. Continue reading “Can You Make Money Decluttering by Selling Books on Amazon in 2017?”

Sourcing the Wrong Good Products for Ebay


This computer bag is nice! It’s got leather that’s been tanned to a matte finish. It just feel like a quality product.  It’s used, and has one small worn area in the corner, so I can’t even hint that it’s as good as new, but even with the flaw, I think it’s worth around $20. People regularly spend more to get less quality.

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The Ephemera Business Model

I’ve avoided writing about this a while, because I’m not a pro, but here goes. This only reflects my experience.

The ephemera biz is all about storage and listing quickly. To make money, you need a huge inventory of at least 10,000 items, and a way to list a hundred or more items a day. You also need a website to offload the stuff that won’t sell on ebay. The business model is about hoarding and selling long-tail items. It’s the opposite of a quick flip.

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Crazy Discounts for Old Postage

I just got hit at least three times with an Ebay glitch that seems to be hitting old listings that were made before the postal rate change earlier this year.  Basically, rates went up a little. Suddenly, my first class postage price has dropped down to 91 cents on some listings. Continue reading “Crazy Discounts for Old Postage”