Having Ebay Shop for You (and why it’s important to list news things)

Imagine how nice it would be if you were sent ads for items you want to buy. Suppose you are looking for any books about your home town or city, but you’re from one of those places that just isn’t mentioned too much in print. Ebay can send you email when someone lists a book (or anything) with your city’s name in it. Here’s how: Continue reading “Having Ebay Shop for You (and why it’s important to list news things)”

Beer vs. Liquor Artwork Presentation Preferences

I was looking at trying to sell comics “matted” rather than as bare strips, to see if that would encourage sales. Short answer: it depends. Superhero fans will buy “matted” and framed art, and pay a premium for quality presentation. Since I don’t have a mat cutter, or any superhero comics, that’s a moot point. Continue reading “Beer vs. Liquor Artwork Presentation Preferences”

Storage Musings

One of the funny things about having a hoarder background is that I lack any sense of organizing objects into space. Selling stuff on Ebay requires you to organize things precisely.  When you don’t, you lose money, like I did recently.  Anyone can organize 50 items with a few boxes and piles, but when you get into the low hundreds, “piling systems” fail. Continue reading “Storage Musings”