Camera Drama Update

It took a while, but I just got another camera, a Nikon D80, to replace the Fujifilm XF-1 that broke. So far, it’s been a few headaches here and there, but I think this setup works.

Here’s the setup:

  • Nikon D80 body
  • Nikon 18-55mm lens
  • Sensor cleaning kit

The extra lenses I have are the Nikon 28-80mm lens and a Quantary 29-80mm lens. Those came with the camera, and are okay, but they weren’t right for photographing clothing indoors because I needed to be farther away from the subject. I also have a flash that came with a lens.

While this setup feels good to me, if I had my druthers, I’d use another XF-1 or the Canon S110. The problem is the price. The XF-1 is selling for $80 or so, and the S110 is selling for $80 to $180, with Buy It Now in the $150 range. The D80, lenses, flash, and cleaning kit totaled around $190.

The S100 and XF-1 point-and-shoots were good, but they both broke. They were both fixable, of course, but I decided to upgrade each time. This time, I upgraded hoping to get increased lifespan.

What I’ve learned is that the D80 is inferior to the point-and-shoots in some aspects (aperture, clarity, weight), and superior in others (battery life, color). I’ll get into this in later posts.


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