Cheap Photo Studio Setup for White Backgrounds

I have a super-cheap setup. Under $50. Here’s a quick snapshot.  It looks almost “pro”.



Here’s the setup:


Lamps are $8 each from the hardware store. The electrical conduit, I found in the alley, but it’s several dollars. The paper background is $2. The lights were expensive: Cree brand “daylight” 5000K+ and CRI of 85+. I think $25 for four. LED’s are good because they are accurate enough, and don’t produce much heat. I had tape and glue around. The shelf was found in the alley, but they can be found at thrift stores for several dollars.

Given the choice, I’d use 2×2 wood instead of electrical conduit because it has a better grip, shape, and can also be modified more easily. The only problem is, it’s expensive.

Also, given a choice, I’d use a wider shelf, so the poles could be a little farther apart. 4′ would be better than 3′.

I should have blown out the white background in the original photo.  The image at the top is photo-edited to push the background to white, and fix the colors.

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