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It’s been hot as a desert out in LA.

I went to try and do a Facebook sale, but it didn’t happen. I think the buyer was messing with me.  I’ve had this problem a LOT with these in-person sales apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace, at least in Los Angeles.

OfferUp was kind of OK in the SGV.

I’ve been getting back to listing, so Ebay is letting things sell. The latest trip with their search algo is that they now don’t even show all the listings.  If you have a filter that brings up hundreds of listings, it’s sometimes hard to get to them all.

So it’s really not a “free market”, if it ever really was. Ebay will put you into the more visible spots if  you’re in their application and listing things.

Traffic was waning, so I did some Google searches to see if my listings came up. Generally, they didn’t, but they could come up in Google Shopping (GS).

GS is nice because it lists used items just after the new items.  The trick is to get in that listing.

Bing Shopping is similar. It looks the same, but you get different results.  Duck Duck Go just has an Amazon link.

I had some shoes that didn’t even show up GS and BS. I need to figure this out.

I just ripped myself off by not doing my packing and shipping correctly. I didn’t pre-pack and weigh an item; instead I estimated everything, and didn’t put in dimensions. So I got hit with Dimensional Weight.

I lost $10 on that mistake.  So I wrote a post about it, and it’ll go up soon.

I try to write technical articles, mainly, so I learn how to do things right.

I’ve been looking at other sites, because they’re showing up in Google Shopping search for many items.  I don’t like Poshmark, but may need to go on there.

I liked the UX for depop, and tried that, and may do more of that because I like that style.  However, there’s no way i’m going to follow their procedure to photograph myself in clothes. I don’t fit in most of the clothes.

I was looking at photos and felt like a dirty old man, looking at all these women in their early 20s. It’s not that suggestive, most of the time… but sometimes they are.  They take good photos, and make it look like a 1990s indie fashion magazine, pre-American-Apparel.

I’ve been thinking about posting Etsy again. It worked for me for some items. Around 1/3 of my things sold.

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