Start Decluttering with Ebay

If you have a lot of stuff, you can help yourself by selling your stuff on Ebay.

Ebay gives you 50 FREE listings per month.

You can use these freebies to learn how to list on Ebay.  Listing on Ebay isn’t hard. You can learn it on your own in an hour or so.

To get started, don’t just look at what you want to give away. Do this instead:

Step 1. Take a photo of your stuff.  Just all of it in a mass.

Step 2. Go onto your computer, and do a search for each item, and note if there are others selling it. Click on “Sold Items” to see if any sold.

Step 3. If this object is selling, you should photograph it, and list it.

Let’s Try it Out

I’ll do this with my own clutter mess.  I actually had a hard time find this, because I’ve changed a lot of my space into a little warehouse for Ebay stuff. Lucky for me that I’m a born clutterer and hoarder, in recovery, so I have some mess here.

Step 1. Here’s a photo of some of my mess.


What a mess. Here’s a list of my stuff:

  1. Old sweatshirt – it has sentimental value because it’s from student housing but I may sell it.
  2. Stacks of plates I am selling on Ebay.
  3. Bell pepper timer.
  4. Wallet (my actual wallet).
  5. Power adapter.
  6. Eyeglasses
  7. Kikkoman soy sauce container that’s holding my checkbooks.
  8. Mustard mug.
  9. Battery charger.
  10. Crafts shells.
  11. Cassettes.
  12. Pint glass.
  13. Paper clips.

Okay, some of these things are in use, and I’ve used strikeout to indicate that they aren’t ever going to be for sale. The other things… I use, but could use something else instead.  I also have moved my checkbooks away, now that I’ve given away their not-very-secure location.

(BTW, the dresser is one I got for $10. It’s awesome. It’s around 100 years old and needs some more work, but is a solid piece of lightweight furniture. I’m never selling this thing.)

Step 2. Search on Ebay.

I’m going to search for each item. Instead of boring you with all the searches, I’ll report on the totals:

  1. Old sweatshirt: 0 sellers, 0 sales.
  2. Bell pepper timer: 3 selling, 4 sold. A slow seller, but demand outstrips supply.
  3. Power adapter, 12V 2A: 13K selling, 5.6K sold.
  4. Kikkoman soy sauce container that’s holding my checkbooks: 0 sales, 0 sellers.
  5. Mustard mug. I had to refine my search until I found “glass barrel mug”, which had some matches. Around 5 sellers, 0 sold.
  6. Crafts shells. I searched for “shells for crafts”: 3.3K selling, 1.5K sold.
  7. Cassettes. I tried “used blank audio cassettes” and it worked. People are selling used cassettes for re-recording. 167 selling, 96 sold.

To find out the total sold, you click “Sold Items” in the left column of the search results page.

To get rid of the “sold items” filter, you click the (X) next to the word, just below the search box.

I’ve boldfaced the ones where there are sales. You only want to sell things that are selling. While I could try selling things with no sales, like the Kikkoman soy sauce container, the odds are really against me.

The hot items are the ones where there are a lot of sales, or where more sell than there are sellers.  We should only sell things that are selling, and that is the following:

  1. Bell pepper timer: a slow seller, but more demand than supply.
  2. Power adapter: a lot more supply than demand, but a lot of sales.
  3. Shells: a lot of supply, but also a lot of sales.
  4. Cassettes: a slow seller, but there’s a reasonable amount of demand.

So, these are the four things I should sell, as a beginner. I should set aside one or two hours a day, for four days, to list each.  I’m not kidding here: one hour or more per listing. The time will fly.

Once you’re used to listing, it’ll take from 5 to 15 minutes, and 10 minutes will be the norm.

I’m going to digress a little bit here. As someone who is an intermediate seller, I will only sell the power adapter, and maybe the bell pepper timer. The shells are so cheap, and sellers so plentiful, I could not make money mailing them, and I’ll write more on pricing below. For the cassettes, I’ll try to gather more of them, and then sell them.

I’ll get into the actual listing in the next step.

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