Last Minute Curb Alert Worked!

Yesterday night’s post worked. Most of the stuff has been taken away!

Facebook Marketplace refused to allow the posting, probably because I had some crutches in there, and medical equipment is not allowed in their ads. It seems silly to me, but that’s what they do.

Despite that, Craigslist ZIP pulled through, and most of the things were gone when I went to check them at 10:15am.

I think I suffered a net loss of around $5 on unsold Ebay items. I hope whoever took the items has better luck with them, and makes a few dollars, or gets some direct use out of the items.

I was feeling at ease, because I found a pretty big Samsung TV on the curb yesterday. Life has been rough lately, and having things work has been a load off my back.

Hoping this Minor Declutter Weekend Giveaway Works

This was stuff that didn’t sell on Ebay or Facebook, some junk I bought and no longer need, some useful things I no longer need, and some junk I just got for free.

I admit, it’s kind of pathetic looking, but there’s a few useful things in there.

I like to put things out on Thursday night, and post an ad on Craigslist and Facebook, to get the weekend garage sale browsing traffic. These are the hardcore buyers who are looking for deals – many check the free giveaways.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get this ad up until Friday night.

I don’t post to Freecycle because they don’t allow “curb alerts”.

Ad Text:

Curb Alert, Crutches, Night Stand, Pegs, Ceramic, Electronics

3 Crutches
Night Stand
Expanding Peg Wall Hanging Hooks
Ceramic Container
Remote Controls
Lubricant (not Lucas, but ATF + WD40 + Lucas)
Flexible Duct
2000s “vintage” hair stuff 🙂
VHS instructional videos
Tablet case with Nightmare Before Christmas artwork
Jay Chou DVD, not region 1
Red plastic sheet sign

Possibly more stuff will be put out. All free.

8346 Elsmore Dr. 91770
Near Walnut Grove Wal Mart in Rosemead.

See the ad here.

I hope that nightstand thing goes. I’ve had it out three weeks, and nobody has taken it. It just needs a sanding, some repair, and a coat of paint or clear varnish.