Trash to Cash

Texas Gal Treasures did a great video about things that are normally thrown away, that can be sold, often for a pretty high price.

It’s a fact, you can sell broken things, boxes, unusable panty hose, wire coat hangers, and all other manner of things, if you gather enough of them.  Here are some more ideas:

  • Amazon Prime or Fresh (forget which) sends food with ice packs. You can wash them off, inspect them for leaks, and repack them and sell them.
  • Empty toner cartridges can be gathered up and sold as “virgin” OEM empties. I refill them, but am trying to sell them as non-virgin, for a couple dollars.
  • Cardboard boxes aren’t a great thing to sell on Ebay, but you can sell them locally. People look on Craigslist for free boxes, and find a ton… but if you are able to hold onto boxes for someone to come buy them, sell then for $2 to $5.  It’s basically a “holder’s fee” to prevent someone else from getting them.
  • CD jewel boxes. You can remove the inserts and sell them as used jewel boxes. I used them as parts to fix up CDs I’m selling.
  • Brochures. Some antique brochures are valuable. Car sales brochures are worth a lot.
  • Found golf balls and tennis balls. People hoard these, and then sell them by the dozens. Used golf balls are an actual business.
  • Old hard drives. They might seem too small, or they might not work, but data recovery shops buy them hoping to get a functional controller card, and an undamaged set of disk heads. The older these are, the more valuable they become.
  • Metals.  Just gather small metal waste in jars and cans. Once there’s enough, you can recycle them, or, give it to a scrapper.

If you figure out enough of these tricks, you can be on your way to a “zero-waste” lifestyle.

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