Whee, new camera! FujiFilm XF1

I scored a great deal on this FujiFilm XF1. This is a midrange point and shoot camera with full manual modes, and competes with the Canon S series (S95 S100 S110 S120). It got here, and it’s working, so that’s great. They are selling for around $130 on Ebay right now, but if you’re patient, you can probably get it for less. I don’t think it’s a well-known or popular camera.

Here’s the review on DP Reviews.

My first impression is that it’s a bit on the light side. It was in a warm room, so the metal body felt almost like plastic. It’s weird: the “on off button” doesn’t exist, and it’s activated by turning the lens and gently pulling it out.

It’s a really retro-looking design, as if it’s a 1960s rangefinder. The zoom feature is operated by turning the ring around the lens, just like the zoom on a DSLR. (That’s kind of anti-retro there! Old rangefinders focused with the ring, and didn’t have zooming at all.)

The XF1 takes good images in auto mode. There’s a little bit of red cast to the colors, and that helps with photos of people, but makes nature photos look a little less vivid. (I find this ironic, because I always associated Fuji film with unrealistically bright greens and blues. I associated Kodak, especially Kodak Max film, with a reddish tinge and more accurate, or healthier looking, skintones.)

Will it be good for listings?

The aperture goes down to f/1.8, which is really low for a digital point-and-shoot. If you zoom in a bit, you can get down to only f/2.0 – but the autofocus will work better.  The FujiFilm XF1 has manual focusing modes, but I find them harder to use than the Canon S100.

It’s pretty fast at shooting, but somewhat slow at processing the JPEG, so that’s going to be a headache.

It has two “shortcut” buttons. One is at the top, “Fn”, and one is at the bottom “E-Fn”.  Fn can trigger almost any feature menu.  E-Fn brings up a menu, and puts 5 of the buttons on the back into “shortcuts”; these can each trigger one feature menu. In other words, Fn is a one-click shortcut, and E-Fn is a set of two-click shortcuts.

I put the “Image Size” (aspect ratio) feature onto Fn, to choose an aspect ratio with a press-dial-press sequence.

The E-Fn, two-step buttons, were programmed with ISO and white balance menus.

We’ll see how this works out, and I’ll post a more complete review in the future.

Review: FujiFilm XF1 Mini Review for Ebay Product Photography


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