How to stop receiving catalogs from mail order businesses: get off their catalog mailing list.

I don’t like getting catalogs, even if I like the business. I don’t really read them too often, though I used to. Here is a form email I use to request removal from their catalog mailing list. Subject: Please remove my address from your catalog mailing list I would like to be removed from the […]

The cheapest way to get a book sent to you

The cheapest way to send a book in the United States is USPS Media Mail. Media mail is a special, low-cost postal rate, that was created to foster the exchange of information. You can’t just ship anything by Media Mail. The USPS has a list of items, and it’s basically: Regular, bound books Prerecorded DVDs, […]

When You Lose or Gain Weight, Sell Your Clothes, or Modify Them

I just sold all my pants for $40! It’s so exciting. I spent a lot more on them but since I lost 50 pounds, I’m really not going to fit in them anymore, unless I gain the weight back. So, away they went. I posted the ad below to Craigslist and Facebook, and ended up […]

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