The cheapest way to get a book sent to you

The cheapest way to send a book in the United States is USPS Media Mail. Media mail is a special, low-cost postal rate, that was created to foster the exchange of information. You can’t just ship anything by Media Mail. The USPS has a list of items, and it’s basically: Regular, bound books Prerecorded DVDs, […]

When You Lose or Gain Weight, Sell Your Clothes, or Modify Them

I just sold all my pants for $40! It’s so exciting. I spent a lot more on them but since I lost 50 pounds, I’m really not going to fit in them anymore, unless I gain the weight back. So, away they went. I posted the ad below to Craigslist and Facebook, and ended up […]

Ebay Auction with Best Offer

How to work with both the auction and best offer features, together. This unusual combination has subtle rules that make it appropriate for some items. Ebay auctions are simple: you set a starting price, and then hope for bids. The highest bid at the end of the auction period wins. Ebay auctions have a feature […]

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