When You Lose or Gain Weight, Sell Your Clothes, or Modify Them

I just sold all my pants for $40! It’s so exciting. I spent a lot more on them but since I lost 50 pounds, I’m really not going to fit in them anymore, unless I gain the weight back. So, away they went. I posted the ad below to Craigslist and Facebook, and ended up […]

Ebay Price Offering Options to Sell Faster: Auction, Buy It Now, Best Offer

How to use different pricing tactics to sell items on Ebay, with a lean toward hoarded items. Buy It Now with a Low Price A way to move hoarded things is with Buy It Now (BIN) but set the price low. You have to think of these items as “about to go into the trash”, […]

Successes and Failures Giving Away Wood

One ad has been up two weeks, and no luck so far. The other freebie went in hours. What are the differences? The chair was taken quickly. The cut wood has been there for two weeks. I’m the only person taking twigs and wood. I think emphasizing that the chair was clean helped. Most curbside […]

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