Videos of an Ebay Declutter

OnlineWithLornaJane is a YouTube video channel that documented a long-term decluttering operation of an Ebay seller. If you’re decluttering or organizing a business, or you do Ebay, you might find this inspiring.

I’m embedding the first video here, but the others are similar.

What I like about her videos:

  • They show progress, even if it takes a long time. Good for her, for keeping at it. It’s OK to spend two years cleaning it.
  • They show the mess. This is a relatively successful full time Ebay seller, so their mess doesn’t reflect on their skill and competence. (Going full time, or even close to it, is a real accomplishement.)
  • They have a huge inventory. 5,000 items is a lot of listing. Removing 1,000 items is also an accomplishment.
  • The conclusion isn’t “minimalism”. A seller is just going to have a bunch of stuff, but it’s organized.

She also created an organizing system to store the inventory. That’s good.

The channel isn’t that popular, because she’s not doing a lot of production on it to make it “addictive”, but the information/time ratio is very high. It has good “signal to noise”. That means it’s worth a subscription.

Even if you aren’t an Ebay seller, if you are cluttered or a hoarder, these videos might help, or at least inspire. I found it inspiring, not depressing like a show like Hoarders.

So, subscribe Online With Lorna Jane.

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