I put out an ad trying to get these two things taken away from the alley behind my apartment.

The bookcase was thrown out, by us, once before. The neighbors picked it up. Now they are throwing it out.

Originally, we had picked it up off the street, and painted it with the green and pink paint.

I’m hoping someone else picks it up. It’s pretty well made. It stands upright without a brace in the back.

The other furniture is also pretty good. I’m not sure what it is, but, again, it’s made of joined wood.

For the right person, with some time, these could be repaired and made usable again.

It’s not like “Ikea” furniture made of particles of wood and glue.

I was deleting photos and found this picture of the bookcase, when we had thrown it out shortly after moving into the apartment.

2017, when we ditched it.

Update: some people bashed the bookcase around, totally destroying it. Some of the wood pieces were taken away, but over half was left behind, damaged. It eventually got picked up by the city or something.

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