First Giveaway Summer 2019, Craigslist

This batch took a couple weeks. I initially tried to sell it, but that failed. A detailed Craigslist freebies listing that got a couple people to come by. I followed up with a FB marketplace ad. Once that was done with, I put it on the curb on Friday, and posted a curb alert to the freebies and to FB marketplace. Trash pickup was on Monday, but someone took it all by Saturday night.

A few of the things were just pickups from the street, and wouldn’t sell on Ebay. Some were purchases. Some were things I just happened to find in my stuff.

The ad was:

Miscellaneous things. See the photos for the current inventory. I will update frequently, and keep adding things.

Take what you want. “thank you” to everyone who took stuff.

…//list of things//

Updated 5:00pm, 6/20
// address inserted here // on the wall to the right. It’s in the boxes. Bring a flashlight. You can take the boxes to carry the stuff, but don’t leave stuff outside of a box.

Site’s Going Away

This blog has terrible traffic. I think it’s just a mismatch between lots of different things.

The ebay name declutter69 was just my name. I decided I wanted a different name for the store, eventually, but had already used declutter69 🙁

I had been clutter blogging over on ebay with the name, and then wrote an ebook about decluttering with craigslist with the name. It was thematically consistent the way I saw it, but it wasn’t quite right for the reader.

“declutter69” should be about tossing things out, and organizing.

“zombies of the information society” should be a catalog of items for sale.

Neither should be a blog about reselling.

Duh, isn’t this basic branding 101? I have read instructions about not making this kind of mistake, but I just made it. It seems stupid, but it’s not that hard to fall into this mistake of not seeing things from the customer’s perspective.

So, the blog is going away, soon. Not sure exactly when, but soon.

The free ebook will still be here.


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