Selling Amber Pill Bottles on eBay

A lot of hoarders have prescription pill bottles. If you are willing to take the time to empty them, remove the stickers, and photograph the hoard, you can sell them on eBay.

Here’s a search that shows recently sold lots of plastic bottles.

You won’t get much money from them, with bottles selling in big lots for around 30 cents each, but it can be a way to get some satisfaction.

To hoard these, put the empty pill bottles into a box or bag, in a designated location in the home. You should use a box that will hold around 100.

You can toss in vitamin bottles and other small bottles. While organized sets sell the best, random sets also sell.

How To Peel The Label

I find that Goo Gone is the best product, but the much cheaper Glue Away made by LA’s Totally Awesome also works well, and comes in a handy spray bottle.

The labels are coated in plastic, so I take a pin and score the surface, so the Glue Away can penetrate. I just put around 10 criss-cross scratches across the label.

Then, I put 5-10 bottles onto a dirty plate outside, and spray the labels with Glue Away. The excess drips into the plate, and then I rotate the bottles so they are soaking in the puddles of excess.

This mess is left overnight to soak.

The next morning, the labels should peel off. If some tear, and remain stuck, I just rub some of the excess drip oil onto the remainder, and let it rest another day.

The peeled bottles are tossed into the sink and sponge-washed with dish soap and water.

Then, they get tossed into the box. Once there’s around 10, I’ll photograph it, and put it on eBay. As the hoard grows, it needs to be rephotographed. I also weigh it, so I can add the weight to the listing. (Shipping price rises with weight.)

How to Price It

Look at the sold prices, and sell in the middle of that range. Make sure to figure out the postage costs, so you don’t end up losing money.

It’s not much profit, but I think of it as a garbage box that gives me a little money, and keeps some garbage out of the landfill or recycling.

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