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Site is Going Away

The site barely pays for itself, and the “69” makes it sound sexual. (It’s my birth year.) All the decluttering content is going to decluttermethod.com, and online sales content is going to the Zombies of the Information Society blog.

If you want to buy the domain, contact me at landofziploc@gmail.com, or use the Namecheap service and search for declutter69.com to buy it immediately. (I put it on sale there.) I set my price at $850, based on an appraisal from the Go Daddy appraisal tool. The advantage of using the Namecheap service is that your money is held in escrow and the transfer is probably easier (they have tech support).

If you buy from me directly, we can negotiate, but it might be a little more challenging if you don’t know how to transfer a domain.

If you’d like to lease the domain, we can arrange that (if the domain is not already sold, and I can end the sale). The price is $100 per year. The domain has some existing inbound links.

Sales and leases do not include the content. If you want the content, contact me directly and we can work something out.

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