Of all the things to take, somebody took the plastic chest of drawers.

They left behind the wood stuff, which I thought was much nicer.

I’m not really sure how to deal with this.

One possibility is to sand down the nightstand, glue it tight, and then sell it, unfinished. Maybe list it for $30.

The two cabinets have faces. They might go easier if they didn’t have those on. I suspect plain wood boxes would be more popular.

The scanner is still a good find. The VCRs might be of interest to people who do repairs – if they aren’t taken, they’ll get hoarded in the garage for another giveaway.


Everything except the nightstand/media center was taken.

The VCRs went first. They just vanished.

The plastic mat just vanished one day.

Someone inquired about the wood boxes, and took them.

Try as I could, nobody wanted the nightstand. So, I figured I’m stuck with it, so “upcycle.” I got out some sandpaper and old red paint, and painted it. It looked awesome.

So I ended up keeping it and enjoying it.

I did offer it up for sale, and it got a couple inquiries, but ended up not selling it, and it’s going to my housemate because she needs something like it.